Fractals and me


I can keep writing on and on about fractals. I can keep talking on and on about fractals.

Such is my interest in fractals. Knowing about fractals and understanding them gave me a very assuring thought that most of the things that we see around are structurally same, the large is made of many tinies, where each of the tiny is identically resembling the large.

Its like saying that Rahman is made of millions and trillions of tiny cells, where each of the cell is structurally same or unique to Rahman!

I may be wrong in putting so, but i might be right as well.

I clearly feel that when we observe an object from atomic level to the visible comprehensible level, somewhere that object represents a fractal.

Once something fits into a fractal, it is perhaps fitting into a mathematical equation. Could be at DNA level, could be at molecular level, could be at organ level, could even be at organism level, fractals are evidently visible.

Physically seeing fractals is one thing, my belief, is that fractals are even there in the way we think. Yes, in inanimate things like thoughts, emotions, every tangible and intangible things around us do have a manifestation of fractals.

Every small emotion we have is part of a bigger emotion and every bigger emotion we keep is built up from small emotions identically same but maybe in smaller intensites.

This is a way of me trying to tackle problems that seem to be very big. At some level any huge problem is not huge but fractally built of tiny problems. And if I could break down that huge problem into many smaller problems, and in turn each smaller problem further into tiny problem, its easy to tackle down. And the solution you come up for such tiny problem, can be amplified to fix the smaller problem and in turn the huge problem.


Nucleosome model DNA quaternary structure, image license : CC-BY-SA, Author : Glwright1

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