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A post finally after so many days…..

Hi there, its been a very long that i had written a post over here. few reasons for it are:

  • I have got a job and am working, so very less time left
  • I have started blogging in telugu
  • See my blog here :
  • I have very less time to access internet

So in this post am going to write about my experiences of life as in my case, its turning from a student stage to that of a employee stage.

No more campus chitchats, no more studies, no more home assignments

everything has vanished from me

I want to be a student back

But the work is pretty interesting too

if you make it interesting

Please learn that learning is a never ending process and we are students for ever.

so that means studies wont leave you anytime

take care

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Re. 1/- puzzle

This puzzle, actually born out of ignorance of people to observe things, goes really nasty into everyone’s mind….

It didn’t take much time for me to solve it and the proposed solution of mine has been discarded by many thinking am fool or thinking the question to be more complicated. But its not…

Three guys went to a hotel and had a meal…. at a total cost of a Rs. 30 The hotel owner gave them a discount of Rs. 5. they accepted discount of Re. 1 each and gave Rs 2 as tip to the waiter. This means: Point 1: Each of them put in Rs. 10 Point 2: Each got one rupee back (10-1)*3= Rs.27 Point 3:They gave Rs.2 to the waiter. 27 plus 2 = 29. Where did the remaining one rupee go?

and the answer is

Actually when the shopkeeper returned 5 bucks then contribution was 8, 8, and 9 equal to 25 (if we take the whole figure). So when the assistant kept 2 rs with him and returned 3 rs to these fellows then final contribution is 9, 9, and 10. which is equal to final figures will be 28 + 2 = 30.

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The true India,

friends this was what India was a 200+ years ago, when the British had not occupied India.

Just realise what intention was British having on India;

now today the terrorists also intend the same

so beware


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My presentations

my presentations links

this is the link to my presentation at YANTRA’08

Automotive telematics

this is the link to my presentation at SCINTILLACE’09

Virtual networking using satellites

at madurai , i gave a talk along with my junior T.Srikanth

How to create and implement a patch

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madurai fossconf’09

fossconf’09 was conducted by ilugc and nrcfoss combinedly at TCE, Madurai.

i recieving certificate for my talk on " how to create and implement a patch"

i recieving certificate for my talk on " how to create and implement a patch"

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The SEVEN things

I am astonished

The CulpritArun Tejaswi Chaganty

The Rules

  1. Link back to your original tagger and list the rules in your post.
  2. Share seven facts about yourself.
  3. Tag some (none? :) ) people by leaving names and links to their blogs.
  4. Let them know they’ve been tagged.

The Things

  1. Untill i was in college, i used to think that girls are devils and i found at college, that my belief was true.
  2. I’ve my laptop full of ebooks related to tech stuff and linux geex. .
  3. I thought i could swim through the money i earn someday like Uncle Scrooge in Ducktales.
  4. I am a FOSS mad and all this is due to the efforts of Arun, Akarsh, Joshi sir, Chenna Reddy sir and of course my mind.
  5. I like carnatic music and you’ll find my music folders my laptop filled with them.
  6. I enjoy taking long treks and after every saturday’s tiny pilgrimage to Venkateswara temple i walk back to college.
  7. I like reading-reading, reading-coding, coding-reading, coding-coding.

The Victims

  1. Rohith K Reddy (blog unavailable right now)
  2. Pavan P
  3. Shirish Reddy
  4. Akarsh Simha

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