First Amazon Telephonic Interview

I had this opportunity to have interview with Amazon with the help of my friends, who referred me for SDE position.

Immediately after my friends’ reply that he has given my resume with a recruiter and I may get a call from recruiter, I got a call from some person with my interview schedule.

With a lapse of half an hour after schedule, my first interview started.

The interviewer was humble supportive one. After introductions, he straight away asked me questions one after another.

They were:

  1. Implement a stack with push, pull and findmin in O(1) time.
  2. There is an array of positive random integers. All the elements are repeated twice except for one. Find that element.
  3. Wap to stitch all the leaf nodes of a binary tree together. After stitching, the tree becomes a graph, and the stitched elements be stored in a list. Return the head node of the list.

I could quickly answer the first two ones, but had trouble writing working code for the third one. After several minutes passed. And my code messed up, I was asked to leave it. And the phone interview concluded.

With a gap of one hour, I had a second telephonic interview.

This time I was asked only two questions.

They were :

  1. Wap. There is a circular singly linked list, All elements are in ascending order. Insert a given number at its correct place in the list. The number is a random one.
  2.  There is a stair case, at each step, a person can either take two steps or one step. What is the total number of steps?

With the guilt of being unable to do the previous interview coding properly, here, I directly wrote the implementation part of the linked list, without even checking my implementation was a mere singly linked list and not a circular one. Also, missed the syntax errors like a semi-colon(;) at end of struct declaration, etc. And after correcting me for those mistakes, or rather blunders, the interviewer moved onto second question, and I was trying to solve it mathematically and come out with a polynomial expression, while the interviewer intended me to derive a recursive function out of it. After failing with it, the interviewer advised me to follow codechef, topcoder kind of websites and to do more practice.

Hours after interview, I received a mail saying, I am not offered a job/no call for further interview.

I can reapply in 6 months.

Waiting for my second turn now, and practicing for it.

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Adding a project on your machine to Github

Here is a step by step mini guide to host your local code onto github.

Create git repo locally

We need to add a repository for your project.

Git is a distributed version control system, so each machine has its own repository.

This is different to centralised version control systems like Subversion, which have a single, central, repository.

Go to your project

$ cd my_project

Initialise the repository

$ git init

You should see the following message:

Initialized empty Git repository in /path/to/my_project/.git/

Add all your files to the repo:

$ git add *

Check to see that there are changes to be committed:

$ git status

You should see something like this:

# On branch master
# Initial commit
# Changes to be committed:
#   (use "git rm --cached <file>..." to unstage)
#   new file:
#   new file:   my_project.module

In this case, and my_project.module are the files I have in my project.

Commit the files.

$ git commit -m "First commit"

You should see something like this:

[master (root-commit) 8201309] First commit
 2 files changed, 74 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644
 create mode 100644 my_project.module

Create Github project

Head over to Github and create a new project.

Create new Github repo

Add Github as remote origin

Now we need to push our changes to Github.

Go to the Github page for the repo. You will should see the URL for the Github repo, which you need to copy.

Get URL of Github repo

Add this as the remote origin:

 $ git remote add origin

Pull from Github to local:

$ git pull origin master

And finally, push the code to Github:

$ git push origin master

You should see something like this:

Counting objects: 7, done.
Compressing objects: 100% (6/6), done.
Writing objects: 100% (6/6), 1.71 KiB, done.
Total 6 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0)
 ba2316b..3dae654  master -> master

That is all there is to it! Now your project is under version control and public on Github.

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It happens only in India

Today’s the best thing I’ve heard, read and seen over Indian Electronic media.
Outrage of common man has smashed the bounds and a Common man, yes the so emphasized aam aadmi, has shown his anguish.
The prices are ever increasing and so the basic necessities are being deprived by the lower middle class and below.
Time has come that the leaders start thinking in this regard. Sharad Pawar’s case is just the beginning.

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ODBC in your own linux!!

Very odd to hear?

But its true.

We can now use JDBC-ODBC bridge, which I have discovered today.

I was told that ODBC can be only used with MS-Windows.

But I have found a way to make it possible to use ODBC in Ubuntu.

Check out here:

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Lighter side of programming

hi there,

thinking that programming is all about writing lines of code, analysing them, compiling, running and validating them only!!!!!!

Think twice before you jump to conclusions (This is the phrase used by HCR that i like the most)

There are few web portals that actually show the lighter side of programming by depicting them as cartoons.

Please, whenever you feel like getting bored. Have a look at these:

Different stages of a programmer

are you like that?

Not so funny!!!!


Then what do you say about this:

This has hundreds of cartoons

a sample for you:

Still not happy:

Look at this site, this has N such particularly witty and funny cartoons with some logic(not always programming, a bit of science too):

and a sample:

and this:

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A post finally after so many days…..

Hi there, its been a very long that i had written a post over here. few reasons for it are:

  • I have got a job and am working, so very less time left
  • I have started blogging in telugu
  • See my blog here :
  • I have very less time to access internet

So in this post am going to write about my experiences of life as in my case, its turning from a student stage to that of a employee stage.

No more campus chitchats, no more studies, no more home assignments

everything has vanished from me

I want to be a student back

But the work is pretty interesting too

if you make it interesting

Please learn that learning is a never ending process and we are students for ever.

so that means studies wont leave you anytime

take care

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Drupal Hyderabad’s first workshop — a great successful event indeed

This post comes rather a bit late, owing to my ‘busy’ness as my B.Tech life is ending soon and projects, seminars and all that stuff is overhead.

Still not to trouble you all, i’ll put this post as a brief report from the participant’s perspective.

The other blogs, i read were of a “different” perspective.

This blog entry is about the first workshop of Drupal-Hyderabad held on May 1,2 at VNR VJIET, Hyderabad.

I couldn’t attend the first day’s workshop, heard that there was this session on jQuery which i regret for not attending.

Anyway I attended the second day’s workshop, which was yummmmmmmmmmyyyyy , a hands on workshop, hope, Siva could taste his spaghetti code here 😛

I dont know what the scheduled time was, I arrived at 10 hoping to be the late among all, but the scene was reverse, by 11 all of them settled and rather basic and formal sessions went on installation of Drupal.

First there was a session was on hosting and web development basics by Medhamsh, am already a great fan of medhu — need say anymore. The last emphasis he made on localisation is what i want everyone to adopt from him.

There was then a session on Intro and Installation of Drush by Srujan — the Panda of Pandas. Then a session by Asif on Drupal basics, Sai Tanay’s session on modules was awesome, but he was a bit too speed and couldn’t elaborate due to time constraints. The following session was on themes by some jwala, i expected it to be a theme creation and customisation session, but it was a theme application and usage session — regrets here for me 😦 .

The final one by Ipsita, as short session as her name and as elegant as her looks, it was an awesome presentation, with scope for me to crack jokes.

drupal-hyderabad speakers at second day

Again regrets for me to not having heard from Siva about his case study, which couldd have I think inspired few more people.

The success was evident with the responses that came out from participants in Siva hosted feedback session.

I think that was not all. We had a great lunch.

A group photo with “cheese” in everyone’s mouth.

An adventurous lift rescue operation in which I was the victim.

The rainy day — thanks God.

the bus journey was awesome with Asif’s company. It was this workshop that I met Mahesh personally for the first time, I also met all my friends back at e-swecha summercamp — Hari, Siva, Bony, Kiran, Saiprachandan, Suresh, Sravanje and our great Madhu.

Later after all this was done, We — me, Siva, Mahesh, Hari and another friend had a lavish dinner at Paradise sponsored by Hari — I suppose.

The success of this event, whether one agrees with me or not is first attributed to Bony, then Siva, then Ipsita, then Hari, Medhu, Saitanay, Sree and all others.

I will cherish these  memories of course for a looooooooooooong time and Medhamsh’s inspiration will hold me.

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