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Drupal Hyderabad’s first workshop — a great successful event indeed

This post comes rather a bit late, owing to my ‘busy’ness as my B.Tech life is ending soon and projects, seminars and all that stuff is overhead.

Still not to trouble you all, i’ll put this post as a brief report from the participant’s perspective.

The other blogs, i read were of a “different” perspective.

This blog entry is about the first workshop of Drupal-Hyderabad held on May 1,2 at VNR VJIET, Hyderabad.

I couldn’t attend the first day’s workshop, heard that there was this session on jQuery which i regret for not attending.

Anyway I attended the second day’s workshop, which was yummmmmmmmmmyyyyy , a hands on workshop, hope, Siva could taste his spaghetti code here šŸ˜›

I dont know what the scheduled time was, I arrived at 10 hoping to be the late among all, but the scene was reverse, by 11 all of them settled and rather basic and formal sessions went on installation of Drupal.

First there was a session was on hosting and web development basics by Medhamsh, am already a great fan of medhu — need say anymore. The last emphasis he made on localisation is what i want everyone to adopt from him.

There was then a session on Intro and Installation of Drush by Srujan — the Panda of Pandas. Then a session by Asif on Drupal basics, Sai Tanay’s session on modules was awesome, but he was a bit too speed and couldn’t elaborate due to time constraints. The following session was on themes by some jwala, i expected it to be a theme creation and customisation session, but it was a theme application and usage session — regrets here for me šŸ˜¦ .

The final one by Ipsita, as short session as her name and as elegant as her looks, it was an awesome presentation, with scope for me to crack jokes.

drupal-hyderabad speakers at second day

Again regrets for me to not having heard from Siva about his case study, which couldd have I think inspired few more people.

The success was evident with the responses that came out from participants in Siva hosted feedback session.

I think that was not all. We had a great lunch.

A group photo with “cheese” in everyone’s mouth.

AnĀ adventurousĀ lift rescue operation in which I was the victim.

The rainy day — thanks God.

the bus journey was awesome with Asif’s company. It was this workshop that I met Mahesh personally for the first time, I also met all my friends back at e-swecha summercamp — Hari, Siva, Bony, Kiran, Saiprachandan, Suresh, Sravanje and our great Madhu.

Later after all this was done, We — me, Siva, Mahesh, Hari and another friend had a lavish dinner at Paradise sponsored by Hari — I suppose.

The success of this event, whether one agrees with me or not is first attributed to Bony, then Siva, then Ipsita, then Hari, Medhu, Saitanay, Sree and all others.

I will cherish these Ā memories of course for a looooooooooooong time and Medhamsh’s inspiration will hold me.

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